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Field Reports

This is intelligence from our Field Agents (that's you). Discover what your fellow Agents are up to. Missions, mysteries, and more!

To file your own Report, send us an Eel-Mail.

Deputy Director Napoleon responds to your mail

Field Agent: RAVIN / age: 11 / location: New York
I am deeeeep undercover! I am in the lab looking up some people info. If anybody see me I will be in trooooouble ooooooo I need to scram.

Napoleon replies:
Agent Ravin, great work! Let me know what you find out.

Field Agent: jasmine / age: 11 / location: Maine
People that don't pass in their progress reports are a bad seed.

Napoleon replies:
Agent Jasmine, you are absolutely correct. Please keep the reports coming in!

Field Agent: Patrick / age: 11 / location: Connecticut
HEY! I'm Patrick. I'm new to the FFFBI. I'm excited to find out all the history and stuff behind it. I loooooooove the FFFBI so far and am ready to crack some cases!

Napoleon replies:
Welcome aboard, Patrick! To get you started, you can get to know the main FFFBI agents.

Field Agent: josh / age: 13 / location: Texas
Well, I am agent 008. I'm a estuarine crocodile. I recently investigated and exposed a dastardly plot by Lying Lion and his consort Cheatin Cheetah. They were involved in a plot to break into the main database at the FFFBI to steal your info and take your dossiers, as well as break up your operation there. So please send me your very hardest ops for me to complete. Bye, Agent 008.

Napoleon replies:
Agent Josh, good work! Our dossiers thank you, our information thanks you, and I thank you - especially since I'm the one in charge of securing our dossiers and information! To show my appreciation, your new assignment is of the utmost importance: do you think you could get this jar of pickles open for me? It's on REALLY tight.

Field Agent: Cassidy / age: 9 / location: Indiana
We found footprints that led us to a car.

Napoleon replies:
That's odd. Cars usually leave TIRE prints...

Field Agent: Lauren / age: 10 / location: Florida
I was walking down the sidewalk and saw a strange animal. It was big, had sharp teeth, and it was green. I am trying to figure out what it was, but will soon find out!

Napoleon replies:
Hmm... it MAY have been Solomon. He IS a master of disguise, you know.

Field Agent: Anonymous
Let the banks compete for your mortgage or loan! Guaranteed lowest rates on the planet. Programs for every credit situation. No obligation, just a quick form to fill in.

Napoleon replies:
Aw... I bet you say that to all the Agents...

Field Agent: Michael / age: 7 / location: New York
I am listening to a private conversation, and it is about a secret vault holding gold and millions of dollars. I am about to sneak in the vault.

Napoleon replies:
Good luck, Agent Michael. If you run into trouble, give Jimmy the Lox a call. He's a retired safecracker in Miami. He helps us out sometimes. As a matter of fact, he helped Agent McGurk in Mexico.

Field Agent: Yuki / age: 14 / location: Japan
I was in a mission once. I can't tell you much because it was secret. It was very hard work and I was constantly changing outfits, personalities, and all sorts. I was also in disguise as a singer. I had to really sing! That was also hard because I am a shy person.

Napoleon replies:
Wow! You've been busy, Agent Yuki! We appreciate all your help. Confidentially, I'm also shy about singing. But at the last FFFBI holiday party, I had one too many herring smoothies, and performed my famous karaoke version of "Secret Agent Penguin." Needless to say, I've been asked to lay off the smoothies at THIS year's party...

Field Agent: Chad / age: 10 / location: Washington
How come the Coffee Guy never goes on any missions?

Napoleon replies:
Good question! Every time we choose Agents to go on missions, Coffee Guy seems to be out getting coffee. Pretty sneaky, if you ask me!

Field Agent: Devin / age: Very old
Hello YOU! A freak is terrorizing Manhattan by singing SAY A HIP HOP HIPPTTY HOP WHEN THE WEATHER IS COLD I SAY LOLLIPOP!

Napoleon replies:
Sorry about that. I REALLY have to cut down on those herring smoothies...