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Coffee Guy standing and pointing
Agent Nelson and Priya Rai
Destination: India
The FFFBI is off to Bollywood!
Lobster with mask and cape
Destination: Mexico
McGurk and Huevo go mano a mano with La Langosta!
Agents Solomon and McGurk
Destination: Japan
FFFollow the FFFBI to the FFFar East.
Agents Elbow and AC in the Australian desert
Destination: Australia
Pack your tucker bag, we're off to a land down under.
Napoleon and snow-covered mountains
Destination: Antarctica
Napoleon heads WAY south for the winter.
Agent Wrench playing a harmonica
Greenback Blues
Where, oh where have all the Agents gone?
Agent Le Moo riding a motorcycle
I Left My Art in
San Francisco
Help Le Moo thwart a picture-perfect crime.
A GAS-Chicken flexing her muscles
Operation GAS-Chicken
Stop CRUST from creating a Super Chicken.
Skip Intro in the rainforest
Rainforest Undercover
Enter this (World Wide) Web of intrigue!