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Project Info

About Us
Learn about the FFFBI project, and how it came to be.

About FFFBI Academy
All about our cool, research-powered homework helper for kids in upper elementary or middle school.

Read what some very nice people have to say about us.

For Teachers
Want to use FFFBI.com in your classroom? Here's a primer on all the features.

Site Credits
Meet the people behind (three paces, more or less) the Agents of the FFFBI.

Promotional Graphics
Want to link to us or write about us? Use these ready-made images, just perfect for the occasion.

Your privacy is one thing we take seriously (that and snacking). Learn all about our policies designed not to blow your cover.

What the FFFBI has done, when it did it, and why CRUST and others can't just come along and steal stuff.