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"This is one of the best free Web sites on the Internet for kids."
Children's Software Review

"A world of mystery awaits young people online... Appropriate for children ages 8-12, this mystery encourages children to read, write, think critically, and use research skills."
USA Today

"[FFFBI] seeks to teach kids problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while introducing them to other places and cultures. To participate, you must choose a mission, follow instructions and answer questions to help foil evil plots. Cute and clever."
Time.com — 50 Coolest Websites

"The site is hilarious. Parents will get all the word play and jokes (a Washington informant is known as "Deep Trout"), but kids will get enough of them to want to spend lots of time with the FFFBI... It would be a crime to miss this fabulous website."
Common Sense Media review — Rated 10+

"Those two extra Fs in the title are deliberate, and the makings for an award-winning... collection of games, projects, and missions that keep young minds engaged in activities that encourage different ways of thinking. I like this site for several reasons, not least because it is designed for kids in the middle grades."
Jon Gushue journalist blog

"Regular readers of this page know that we're not wild about government surveillance, but we'll make an exception for the FFFBI... Even better, this adorable kids' site (fun for adults too) teaches good online-research habits and introduces a variety of fresh, interesting subjects in such a way as to get the next generation thinking and asking questions — which ought to scare the heck out of those other snoopy agencies."
Time Out New York

"Hilarious... awesome things to do, excellent cartoons and heaps more."
PC Whiz Magazine, Australia

"This is Web exploration with a purpose and it helps children recognise the Web as a tool for all kinds of investigation, as well how to use it. The pages are light on text and without the typical Web navigation buttons. It's clean good fun, so think 'child' and try this one out."
Ananzi—Top Ten, South Africa

"Great fun for adults too!"
Teaching Ideas, UK

"FFFBI.com is not only a good example of using the Internet as a learning tool, but also of teaching research and Website navigation as a means to finding answers."
speckledpaint.org, California

Translation: "Did you hear about FFFBI? It's an unusual animal detective agency which will easily accept your help in solving interesting and complicated cases. The page offers many interactive games in which, with the help of different fields of knowledge, logic above all, one is able to discover the guilty party. Some cases you will be able to solve by yourself and some cases the materials of your animal friends will help. Even though this site is primarily for children, the problems are such that the adults can have fun also. Listen to the advice of the expert penguin; a good detective writes down everything."
BriljanTEEN web, Croatia

"Provides a fun, interactive mystery for kids, while at the same time encouraging them to brush up on day-to-day computer skills, such as searching for information on the Internet, printing pages and solving puzzles. It has enough interesting twists to keep kids clicking from page to page."
Canada Computes

"The feedback from my own grade 5 students was overwhelmingly positive. The site uses uniquely written interactive stories and games to get kids to solve mysteries. As they're doing this, students are learning language arts, math, science, and research skills to explore a wide range of subjects — from math and science to geography, genetics and history. A great site which will keep your students reading, researching and exploring for hours."
The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web

"This is so cute!! The site uses interactive stories and original thinking games to get kids to solve mysteries and learn crucial skills such as using the Internet for research and investigation, reading, and writing. The project encourages exploration of a wide range of subjects from math and science to geography, genetics and history. Admittedly, it's also, as one kid wrote, 'freaky weird.' Thank goodness, there is a section for teachers which helps explain what's going on."
K-12 Lessons, Sources & the Internet

"Check out the FFFBI (Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation) for all the above plus a fourth 'F' — FUN!"
Sister Miriam, Archdiocese of Cincinnati

"This site draws students into conducting entertaining investigations with backdrops of contemporary culture. Take a look at Rainforest Undercover. Enjoy the activities!"

"A great learning site for kids about the world around them."
Subspace Channels, Starfleet Region 13 (Great Lakes Region)