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About Us

  • 2005 UN World Summit on the Information Society –
     Winner of the eEntertainment Category (USA)
  • 2005 Webby Award nominee – Best Writing
  • 2004 Parents' Choice Gold Award winner
  • 2004 Webby Award nominee
  • Time.com #1 on list of Top Ten Learning Sites
  • Bologna New Media Prize nominee
  • MIMC Award nominee

The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation uses humor and storytelling to help kids ages 8-13 learn about places and cultures around the world. This is an important first step toward building their global literacy.

The FFFBI is a proud recipient of a National Geographic Society Education Foundation Venture Fund Investment.

Our audience, the Field Agents, hone their critical-thinking, problem-solving, reading, and research skills. Their international crime-fighting efforts on behalf of the FFFBI also expose them to a wide range of subjects, including math, science, music, and history.

The Three Star Hotel of DOOM is the FFFBI's first foray into radio drama and podcasting.

The site was created for the Bureau by WGBH Interactive.

About FFFBI Academy

FFFBI Academy is designed to help upper elementary and middle school kids — especially those with attention issues — manage the problems they face with schoolwork, homework, and even managing their binders.

To create the Academy, WGBH collaborated with clinicians at the Alvin V. Baird Attention and Learning Disabilities Center (ALDC) at James Madison University to create and test FFFBI Academy content to focus on improving the organizational and learning behaviors of kids ages 8 to 13 with ADHD.

Each game is designed to teach useful skills and strategies, while continually encouraging players to complete increasingly difficult tasks. To increase interest, the FFFBI Academy uses its humorous spy theme and frequent reinforcements for successful game play.

Generous support for FFFBI Academy comes from the U.S. Department of Education Steppingstones Technology and Media Services for Individuals with Disabilities grant, H327A050048: "The Fin, Fur, Feather Bureau of Investigation (FFFBI) Academy: Embedding Evidence-Based Behavioral and Learning Strategies in Interactive Media for Kids with ADHD."

More information about FFFBI Academy