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What is it?

About the Academy

What is the FFFBI Academy?

The Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation (FFFBI) is a set of Internet-based games developed by the award winning WGBH Educational Foundation, based in Boston.

To create the Academy, WGBH has collaborated with clinicians at the Alvin V. Baird Attention and Learning Disabilities Center (ALDC) at James Madison University to create and test FFFBI Academy content to focus on improving the organizational and learning behaviors of kids ages 8 to 13 with ADHD.

Each game is designed to teach useful skills and strategies, while continually encouraging players to complete increasingly difficult tasks. To increase interest, the FFFBI Academy uses a humorous spy theme and frequent reinforcements for successful game play.

We hope that players can practice and learn valuable skills. If we succeeded, you might be able to say, "You did a great job scheduling all those secret agents on their missions. Now let's plan your homework for school in just the same way."