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How do you play?

About the Academy

Let's do it! Er... how do we play?

FFFBI Academy is free and can be found on this site in the Games section.

All games require reading. Although testing was with kids 8 to 13, the challenges and reading probably better suit kids in upper elementary and middle school.

Players should download and print the Top Secret Dossier before play. Our focus on kids with ADHD brought the challenges they face in managing their "stuff" — papers, homework, random written documents, and binders. The Academy deliberately requires kids to engage in both computer and the printed word — and four of the Academy games can ONLY be solved with reference to the dossier. Players should print and save this and the game will prompt them to find it as needed.

Play can be complete in one session or played over days or weeks. Players play anonymously and will need to play each game from the start in any given session, but can play the games in any order. Generally speaking, the earlier games are easier.

Download the PDF